Appreciative Inquiry: The Art of Possibility and Radical Appreciation

A 3-day workshop
July 8-10, 2013
In the hills outside Jerusalem, Israel



What would it mean for you to author your own story from an unapologetically appreciative stance? And inspire others in your organizations or communities to do the same?

To find the strengths in any situation…

To discover possibilities and aspirations that inspire wise action even when circumstances seem bleak…

And to do so not just for yourself but to engage others in moving towards creating what matters to you all.

This workshop will introduce you to Appreciative Inquiry, a philosophy, life practice, and process that is based in focusing on strengths and possibilities in order to inspire collaborative and wise action.

Plus, you will have an opportunity to apply what you learn to what has heart and meaning for you!!

Who Should Attend?

Designed for managers, consultants, education, therapists, facilitators, meeting planners, anyone who works with people in communities, organizations, and other social systems.

The experience will support you to:

  • Develop an appreciative eye for working with life, with people, and with human systems
    • See, appreciate, and celebrate “what is” as strengths and assets
    • Notice small things that make a big difference
  • Strengthen your capacity to be present, consciously engaging and bringing others with you in times of upheaval and pain
    • Embrace creative tension as a spark for breakthrough
    • Say yes to the mess
  • Develop skills of conducting a new kind of inquiry
    • Craft generative questions that open our eyes to new perspectives
    • Name “provocative propositions” that capture the best of “what is” and “what might be” to ignite action
  • Cultivate the capacity to deeply understand and approach difference with compassion, creativity, and wisdom
    • Invite the diversity of the system and ask questions that surface what’s possible in any situation
    • Welcome disruptions as sources of fresh perspectives and of the emergence of the new and useful

This workshop is:

  • Interactive and experiential
  • Makes explicit links between ideas, examples, and practice
  • Maximizes collegial interchange of ideas
  • Emphasizes both theory and practice

The program in short:

  • Day 1.  What is Appreciative Inquiry?  To explore this question, we will move between theory and practice, practicing essential skills of AI: creating generative questions and appreciative listening.
  • Day 2. How does Appreciative Inquiry work? We will continue to weave theory and practice throughout the day to pursue our question as the focus begins to shift into working with your areas for application.
  • Day 3. How do I apply Appreciative Inquiry?  By day’s end, you will have defined your first next step in using AI in your life and work.

As organizations, communities, and other social systems experience increased uncertainty, a framework for engaging with disruption and the unknown becomes critical in meeting today’s challenges. This interactive three-day workshop engages you to explore radical appreciation and emergence in order to create outcomes that work for all.

Dream big and make things happen!


Read about the workshop guides

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